Thursday, February 13, 2014

OpenWeb launches most affordable uncapped data

South African Internet Service Provider OpenWeb has launched Everyday Uncapped, one of the most affordable uncapped data products available on the market today. It offers unlimited data usage with zero throttling.

The big difference between OpenWeb’s Everyday Uncapped solution and similar offerings from competing ISPs is that the Everyday Uncapped accounts are not throttled. OpenWeb shapes according to how busy the network is at any given time, but it never throttles. When the network is not busy, it completely unshapes the accounts.

According to OpenWeb’s CEO Keoma Wright, they do not log usage stats on their uncapped accounts. “Why should we care how much data our client has used on the account? Unlimited means just that. Some ISPs's monitor client data so that they can enforce drastic throttling policies, making an account slow or even unusable. By default, we don’t monitor anyone’s usage on uncapped accounts."

OpenWeb users can freely download movies, browse websites and game to their hearts content via international access through three major fibre backbones. More importantly, the price is locked in for life. If clients signup now, they will get free access for the rest of February 2014.

OpenWeb ADSL has pioneered broadband in South Africa. Offering ADSL bandwidth starting at only R19 per month, OpenWeb allows South Africa to connect to the world, at affordable rates.

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